IRCC Says 80% of Spousal Sponsorship Backlog Now Cleared

You have successfully immigrated to Canada. Now, you might be thinking about bringing your family members, such as your spouse to live with you. However, the very thought of applying for spousal immigration would make one feel very irritated and disturbed. The reason behind these feeling is very simple. It was mainly because the Spousal Sponsorship Immigration Program would take a lot of time to get processed.

According to Mississauga immigration lawyer, previously for spousal sponsorship application to get processed, lot of time was wasted. Initially for processing the application, almost two years was needed. However, IRCC claims that with some recent changes within the Spousal Sponsorship program have made the processing time very fast. Now, a person in order to get united with their spouse won’t have to wait for that long.

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Why Is There A Backlog?

Studies have shown that spousal sponsorship program/ application often faces a backlog. According to a study, the reason behind the backlog is mainly due to the wrong decisions which are often taken by IRCC and the federal agency. Lack of proper communication between them often leads to an application getting delayed.

For instance, during the year 2014, IRCC came up with the decision that the inland spousal sponsorship case should be handed by another organization in Toronto and not Alberta which was initially handling it. It was one of the main reasons, when the waiting time for the application started to grow.

Another reason which has been cited by the best immigration lawyer in Toronto was when the agency handling the immigration application decided to come up with a new form. Even candidates who successfully filled and submitted the old form before the introduction of new one, was asked to fill the new form.

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What Canada Aims To Do?

Backlogs of spousal sponsorship program are a very common thing. However, the Canadian government recently announced that it has been able to clear 80% of the backlog. The announcement which was made by the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada, tries to harp on the point that the government believes to unite the immigrants with their family members as quickly as possible.

Mississauga immigration lawyer tries to point to the prospective clients that previous backlogs of the applicants have been easily overcome. The applicants received the decision about immigration from the visa office. It has been made possible because of certain changes within the spousal immigration policy.

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Ways It Has Been Overcome

Now, Canadians who is having a foreign spouse don’t need to worry about the long waiting time. One needs to wait for only a few months and maximum 1 year. This has been made possible because of some changes within the application form. With the changes, Mississauga immigration lawyer feels that the immigration office could process the forms much faster.

Now, one would need to submit a police certification and declaration form at the very beginning. With fewer questions and documents required, the processing request would become fast.

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